Photographs by Lukas Novak

Lukas Novak

Lukas Novak is known as an avid traveler and a photographer. His adventurous mind and fairly unconventional life style are reflected in his ever growing gallery of stunning images from many corners of the world.

Lukas is mostly a landscape photographer who has, in recent years, started to explore infrared landscape imagery. With his IR-altered digital camera, he takes us to his surreal-color infrared world, a new dimension of photography which, in this wide gamut of colors, was impossible to achieve on film.

Lukas' photographic style is influenced by his professional life as an air traffic controller. He balances this busy and fast-paced environment with a carefully-sought-out world of tranquility and solitude; the world in which Lukas found his place as an excellent photographer.

At present, Lukas, his wife Deborah, and Tengo, their well-traveled dog live in Toronto, Canada.

A Czech photographer
with his American wife and German dog
living in Canada!


Rotating Earth

Deborah and Tengo

Enter Lukas' Gallery


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